Reveal Your Radiance 2-Part Masterclass


What does it take to move from the frozen ache of fear, to the flowing river of love? From lack and limitation, to the truth of all sufficiency? From the ache of loneliness, to the expansive embrace of love?

Have you noticed that New Year’s resolutions often fail, and make you feel more miserable than before you set lofty goals, determined to
‘break bad habits’?
What we focus on expands. Our collective conditioning has taught us to effort, to strive, to sweat…in other words push hard! What if the true secret was in ALLOWING?
And what if…(this is the BIG what if!)…what if you have always done the best you could with what you knew at the time, and that you haven’t ‘failed’ at all?
The truth is, we came here to experience contrast, and to learn from the ‘push-back’ of our lessons in the dark. And…to learn, that the more we grow, expand and evolve from these lessons…so does our LIGHT!
Ask :: Align :: Allow
The key to our freedom lies is learning to FLOW with what shows up to stretch and inspire us to have the courage to be on our leading edge of growth.
It takes courage, clarity and compassion to share our gifts and voice with the world. But, here’s the thing. The world NEEDS your voice, your unique vibration…the note that only YOU sing through your kindness, your authenticity, your bold YES!
Your story is unfolding at the speed of LIGHT.
All the people who show up in your movie are here to contribute to your SHINE!
But, some of these characters are flawed, they betray you,
they are not so nice, you say.
Yes, there are those who bring pain and suffering. And those who come into your story to thwart you, to challenge you, are actually the grit that polishes your SOUL PEARL.
We are here on the planet at a time of the GREAT SHIFT.
The shift from fear to love.
The shift from lack to unlimited mastery.
The shift from greed and competition to generosity and co-creativity.
We are making this journey together.
We face unprecedented challenges with climate change bringing ravaging fire, earthquakes and floods.
We are being shaken to be stirred.
I want you to picture a snowglobe.
You know when you shake it upside down, the snowflakes that were quietly laying on the bottom
begin to swirl and dance around?
That’s us right now.
We are swirling and dancing around, evolving at the speed of LIGHT,
learning that what we do for another, we do for ourselves.
When we LOVE ourselves, we are loving the ONE…all BEINGS,
and GAIA herself.

What are you ready to create, to build, to polish to a brilliant SHINE
with your JOY!


I would be so honoured if you would JOIN me for
‘Reveal Your Radiance’
A ‘New Year’s Revelation’ Masterclass


Saturday, January 6th 1 pm EST + Saturday, January 13th 1 pm EST


‘Feel to Reveal What is Arising to Be Healed’

This 2 Part, Four Hour Masterclass is only $44 
and will include:

* Burning Bowl Ceremony to Release the Year Gone By
*Journaling explorations to find your way HOME to the DREAM that is
*Sonic Medicine  + Tone Poems to uplift, elevate and inspire
*Find your own unshakeable faith, and learn ways to stay grounded amidst
turmoil and chaos. Learn to find your calm within the storm.
Set the tone for the year ahead

YES! Register Me for Reveal Your Radiance NOW!

This Masterclass will be on the Zoom platform. You will receive the link to join upon registration. You will need to download the free Zoom application at
If you would like to join this Masterclass, but do not have the funds, please email me at  There are some scholarships available ~ ALL are welcome! If you wish to pay by e-transfer instead of PayPal, please forward your payment to this email address:



1. Prairie Sky // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  1. 1. Prairie Sky // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  2. 2. Unadorned // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  3. 3. Enough Already // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  4. 4. Let Go // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  5. 5. The Buddha Smiles // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  6. 6. The Sound Of The Dove // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  7. 7. Shine // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  8. 8. Scarborough Fair // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  9. 9. Emerging // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  10. 10. I’ll Meet You There // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  11. 11. Pearly Gates // NEW! The Sound of the Dove